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GiftsWithHope.com was created to inspire those in need through our distinctive Live With Hope products.

Why Hope Matters

“Hope serves as a buffer to stress, and is a significant factor in physical and mental well-being…hope contains notions of an individualized, future orientation, implies active participation on the part of an individual and references the possibility of a positive outcome.”1 The findings of many studies demonstrate that living with hope is a significant factor that assists individuals to adjust to their…illness, reduce their psychological distress and enhance their psycho-social well-being and quality of life.”1
In the book Anatomy of Hope by Dr. Jerome Groopman states: “I see hope at the very heart of healing. For those with hope, it may help some live longer, and it will help all to live better.”2  “Hope gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to surmount them.”2
1. Accessed July 1, 2016. Hope in advanced cancer patients   2. Groopman, Jerome. (2004). The Anatomy of Hope. New York: Random House.

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“I’ll wear it with pride and fight.”
“It sends the right message.”

“My husband was just diagnosed with cancer and I need this t-shirt as a reminder to stay positive as we go through this process.”

“Thank you, I enjoy helping others.”

“My surgeon wore the cap…I looked up and saw
Live With Hope.”

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